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"bugs: volume 1 - dvd+hd" is definitely our most easy-to-use and versatile product to date. This exciting new dvd creates the illusion of hundreds and thousands of cockroaches / bugs swarming all over the screen. Videos include a "full screen version", a "matted spotlight version" to easier hide the edges of the screen or illuminate a specific area, and a "lightning version" that you clearly see the cockroaches every time lightning strikes nearby.

but that's not all ... Need maggots? You got 'em! We've also included 3 different "maggot" videos: normal maggots squirming in a spotlight beam, and 2 different "bloody maggots & guts" versions guaranteed to turn anyones stomach or make their skin crawl.

all videos are 4-5 minutes long with seamless looping playback. You can use any standard lcd projector to project the imagery of cockroaches and maggots onto any light color wall, floor, ceiling, butcher / kitchen set with food, and even on a pile of trash / debris! Using the "spotlight" versions, you can strategically project maggots or roaches into "holes" in props, pipes, or plumbing. Using a standard lcd screen, you can hide the monitor within a wall with holes, or inside a prop!

all videos come with full digital stereo soundtracks of squirming, squishing, crawling, skittering, and even buzzing flies!

get "bugs: volume 1 - dvd+hd" today "creep out" your halloween / haunt visitors this season.

*** this special limited edition dvd also includes a full hd (high-definition) 1920 x 1080 h.264 file format version in the dvd-rom content section of the dvd. You can use the h.264 format videos for hd playback on a computer or solid state media player.

dvd features / product specifications:
•    hollywood-quality special visual fx
•    4 - 5 minute looping video sequences
•    multiple playback versions
•    includes full hd 1920x1080 on dvd-rom
•    seamless looping technology
•    progressive scan playback
•    16x9 widescreen & 4x3 full screen format
•    dolby digital stereo soundtrack
•    optimized for lcd projectors & monitors
•    shot & mastered in high-definition
•    ntsc dvd format only

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