Fright Elevator 2 Apocalypse Fallout Shelter

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fright elevator 2: apocalypse fallout shelter

following the #1 best seller: fright elevator 2d +3d, hi-rez designs is pleased to present: fright elevator 2: apocalypse fallout shelter.

fright elevator 2: apocalypse fallout shelter special video visual effect creates the perfect illusion of traveling down into the depths of an underground bunker to escape the apocalypse breaking out on the surface above.

but you are not safe yet ... During your journey down, you are almost blown up by an fireball explosion, crushed by a cave in, electrocuted up by a short circuiting industrial fan and fuse box, and scalded by a bursting steam pipe. And to top things off, when you thought your experience is over, the elevator comes to rest at the bottom of the shaft, surrounded by a swarm of hungry zombies!

also included with your purchase is a version of fright elevator 2: apocalypse fallout shelter with a non-zombie ending so you are not restricted into only using this product in a zombie-themed haunt / attraction.

fright elevator 2: apocalypse fallout shelter was specifically designed to give your guests / customers an awesome "ride" experience and really open the "scope" of your haunt / attraction. If you set up this effect at the entrance to your haunt / attraction, anyone who goes through it will feel like they have really traveled underground. Included with this product are multiple time-length versions (1 min 20 sec, 55 & 35 second) that let you designate how many guests / customers enter at one time and at what rate they move into your attraction at a time. This creates constant "flow-through" traffic into your haunt / attraction and keeps the "wait time" to a steady pace.

you do not absolutely need to use a "motion platform" for this product. You will be amazed how effective the illusion is by just creating a room (whatever size will accommodate the number of patrons you want to fit at 1 time) with an entrance and exit on either side, and 1 or 2 large lcd / led tv screens built into either side wall of your elevator. When patrons watch the video, they will automatically get the sensation they are traveling down!

it is recommended that you use 40" or larger lcd / led tv screens with this product to make the image look as large as possible and within your budget.

you can add interactivity and additional scares by adding the hi-rez designs relay decoder that can activate and control pnuematics, turn on and off interactive lighting, turn on and off a fog / smoke machine, and even activate an air cannon during the playback sequence.