Ghosts - Volume 2

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ghosts - volume 2 contain 2 completely different "ghosts" to choose from: 'bezerker' and 'scorned', both unique in their own way.

'bezerker' was crazed madman locked in an asylum for the criminally insane. He was so vicious and violent, his head was locked in an iron cage. The asylum eventually claimed his life, but his deranged spirit has returned, and he's meaner than ever. 'Bezerker' can be used with an lcd projector / lcd monitor mounted in a large window frame / holding cell. There are 2 versions of 'bezerker', one normal version and one with electrically charged "safety-glass" which he repeatedly strikes trying to escape.

'scorned' was a helpless female victim that was slashed and sliced by her attacker. Now she's back for revenge, whoever that may be! 'Scorned' can also be used with an lcd monitor / lcd projector and can be projected on a wall, fabric (mesh or solid), or window frame. Because the video of 'scorned' is full frame (entire body in the footage), she can also be used with the ever-so-popular "pepper's ghost" technique be reflecting into glass or plexi-glass to give her truly ghostly transparency.

ghosts - volume 2 has been specially created with multiple playback version / formats. You can play the video in normal mode, or with the video rotated either clock-wise or counter-clockwise rotation. This way you can get maximum scale from the lcd monitor without having to use a "giant" lcd screen! Choose which ever playback version best suits your setup.

created by an award-winning visual fx artist and mastered in full high definition, this dvd creates a realistic and terrifying illusion your guests will never forget!

*** this special limited edition dvd also includes a full hd (high-definition) 1920 x 1080 h.264 file format version in the dvd-rom content section of the dvd. You can use the h.264 format videos for hd playback on a computer or solid state media player.

special limited edition dvd features / specifications

  • 2 terrifying ghost videos included
  • includes full hd 1920x1080 on dvd-rom
  • hollywood-quality special visual effects
  • optional playback versions (triggered or looping)
  • 16x9 widescreen format
  • normal, cw, & ccw rotation
  • progressive scan playback
  • digital stereo soundtrack
  • seamless looping technology
  • optimized for lcd monitors & projectors
  • created & mastered in high-definition
  • ntsc dvd format only

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