Grave Grabber: Vol. 1 - Dvd

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grave grabber: vol. 1 will give "life" to your "dead" cemetery or graveyard this halloween season.

this specially designed new video / product creates the stunning illusion of a freshly buried "undead" woman rising from the grave using the all-so-famous "pepper's ghost" technique.

using an lcd / led monitor or lcd projector and a medium sized (approx. 3' x 3') sheet of plexiglass (not included), you can "reflect" the image into the plexiglass to appear right in front of your tombstone / grave display. The image will appear semi-transparent and will absolutely shock your viewers and guests with the incredible realism.

documentation as how to set up grave grabber: vol. 1 for best results will be included with every purchase.

filmed with real actors in hd (high-definition) video, and using the best in hollywood special makeup and visual effects, this dvd creates a realistic illusion your guests will never forget! They will swear they are witnessing a real ghost or the undead coming out of the ground!

product features / specifications:
• hollywood-quality special visual effects
• multiple playback versions: undead or ghost
• normal, clockwise & counter clockwise image rotation
• use with lcd projector or "pepper's ghost" reflection
• triggerable & non-triggerable playback
• setup documentation for best results
• seamless looping technology
• progressive scan playback
• digital stereo soundtrack
• 4x3 fullscreen & 16x9 widescreen format
• optimized for lcd / led monitors / projectors
• filmed & mastered in high-definition
• created by an award-winning visual fx artist

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