Haunt Rules: Double Feature

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nothing is more startling than a big scare when you least expect it.

hi-rez designs: haunt rules - double feature is in fact 2 - terrifying products in - 1!

first, you get the “haunt rules” video-poster versions featuring 2 sets of generic “rules of the house” attraction disclaimers that you put on a 43-48” (or as big as you want) lcd screen outside your attraction in the queue line. We’ve included our original classic “haunt rules” poster design with disclaimers we have offered in “printed” form since 2007 now as one of the video-posters along with a newly designed poster as well.

when guests / patrons stand before the screen to read the “rules”, suddenly the video-poster switches to one of the “scare” characters of either “nightscream” or “ratchet”, scaring the crap out of the viewer because they never saw it coming! Both video-posters include both characters, so you can use 1 style with either or character, or the other style with either or character, or both!

that’s not all …

we’ve also included both scare characters, “nightscream” and “ratchet” videos without the haunt rules video-poster that both appear from a black screen. This means you can use the characters in a 2-way mirror effect, or simply project them with a lcd video projector … the possibilities are endless!

but it gets even better …

seeing that hi-rez designs is well known for creating spectacular interactive visual fx products, we’ve encoded this product specifically to work with the hi-rez relay decoder to trigger a concealed air-cannon or water-blaster cannon when one of the scare characters appears, adding that additional big scare. Also, if you are using haunt rules - double feature as a 2-way mirror effect, the hi-rez relay decoder will also turn off the lights in the room, making the mirror effect even more effective.

shot and mastered in 2k [hd] high-definition (1920x1080) for absolutely the best picture and image quality.

never has a product been designed / created that will work both inside and outside your haunt to scare, making like no other halloween / haunt visual fx product, ever!

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