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"mirror | mirror" series brings the childhood terrors of 'urban legends' to your halloween haunt / haunted attraction.

many people believe if you stand before a mirror with the lights out and say a character's name 3 times, they will suddenly appear in the mirror ... Fact or fiction, now you can make it happen every time!

this all-new special visual effect can be used with a standard lcd / led monitor screen hidden behind a 2-way mirror. Prior to the visual effect, your guests / visitors can see themselves in the mirror, but when the effect hits the screen, all they can see is the terrifyingly realistic character, right in front of them!

this product can be used with the "state-of-the art" hi-rez relay decoder, turning this product into a fully interactive experience. The hi-rez relay decoder can turn the lights in the room off/on and can also trigger a concealed "air-cannon" that will fire a massive blast of air at the view / guest. All with split-second precision timing with the video on the screen. The hi-rez relay decoder is the only "prop controller" certified to work with this product.

the digital soundtrack has been specially mixed / mastered with a very wide dynamic range that goes from a very quiet intro to a "monstrously" loud sound level!

combining the best in hollywood special visual fx, and special make-up fx, "mirror | mirror : pigman" will truly terrify anyone who lives to tell about it ...

product specifications:

• hollywood-quality special visual fx
• also includes “insta-scare™” version
• use with or without “hi-rez relay decoder”
• use with or without optional air-cannon
• includes full setup instructions / documentation
• optional triggered or looping continuous playback
• optimized for lcd / led monitors / projectors
• clockwise or counter-clockwise image rotation
• 16x9 widescreen format / portrait mode
• filmed & mastered in high-definition
• digital stereo soundtrack
• created by an award-winning visual fx artist

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