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"paranormal portraits: volume 1 - dvd+hd" creates an absolutely stunning visual effect for your professional or home haunt. Imagine a gallery with multiple "portraits" hanging on the walls, and suddenly the still images come to life with startling visuals and audio! Instead of a single, static, still, or changing / lenticular portrait, now you can have 5 different fully-animated terrifying portraits on just about any size lcd screen. You can use a budget / smaller lcd or go as big as you like, or what your budget will allow. You are not restricted to any 1 particular size.

simply hang or mount your lcd screen vertically (instead of the normal horizontal position), attach a picture frame to the front of your lcd screen to hide the edges of the monitor and attach a standard dvd player. You can either play and loop all 5 portraits on 1 single lcd screen, or play back 1 particular stand alone or favorite one. But it gets better ... We've loaded this dvd with additional enhancement features. You can choose how long the portrait staying in it's "normal" state. You can select the time (30 seconds - 2 minutes) you want the portrait to "look like" a normal portrait to allow for your guests to view it before it suddenly changes to the "scary" version. In addition, there are multiple dvd audio tracks to choose from. You can select the default digital stereo soundtrack, or you can select various "split-track" audio so the "lightning" audio can independently run to a lightning controller (not included) that can trigger bright lightning fx in the same room, totally enhancing the experience.

for best results, it is recommended that you hang a small spot light above the framed lcd monitor to look like a "picture light". This will slightly illuminate the frame, monitor, and part of the wall around it and eliminate the monitor for what it really is. Nothing looks worse than a bright lcd screen in a dark room and draws attention that it is in fact an lcd monitor hanging on the wall and not a real portrait.

as many previous customers know, paranormal portraits was first "advertised" as 'coming soon' on all our 2010 product dvds. Due to the incredibly high demand, paranormal portraits was slated as the first product being released for the 2011 halloween season. With over a year in development and created from original vintage photographs, completely created and mastered in full hd (1920 x 1080 high-definition) video and using state-of-the-art visual fx, paranormal portraits is sure to be a huge hit in your haunt.

*** this special limited edition dvd also includes a full hd (high-definition) 1920 x 1080 h.264 file format version in the dvd-rom content section of the dvd. You can use the h.264 format videos for hd playback on a computer or solid state media player.

dvd features / product specifications:
• realistic special visual effects
• optional playback versions (triggered or looping)
• optional 20 secs - 2 minute playback delay
• multiple audio tracks for controllers
• 4x3 full screen & 16x9 widescreen format
• includes full hd 1920x1080 on dvd-rom
• cw or ccw image rotation for lcd monitors
• progressive scan playback
• digital stereo soundtrack
• seamless looping technology
• optimized for lcd monitors & projectors
• created & mastered in high-definition
• ntsc dvd format only

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