Psych Ward: Security Cameras- Deluxe Edition

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psych ward: security cameras™ - deluxe edition

psych ward: security cameras™ - deluxe edition is a collection of 15 "mentally disturbed" patient videos shot from a psych ward / insane asylum security surveillance camera system.

if your haunt / attraction is an insane asylum theme, simply set up this realistic video on multiple tv screens at the entrance or outside your attraction as if it is part of the real security camera system within. Your guests / patrons will believe they are getting a glimpse of what is actually going on inside.

this is a brand a new concept visual fx product with plug-n-play ease of use, designed to terrifying your guests / patrons before they even enter your haunt / attraction.

included are 2 seamlessly looping video streams: 1.) Full screen 30 second switching camera version with a running time of 30 minutes, and 2.) Quad-camera switching version with a running time of over 10 minutes.

filmed with professional actors in 2k-hd (high-definiton) video, and using the best in hollywood special effects, this product creates a realistic illusion your guests will never forget! They will feel like they’re witnessing and experiencing the real thing!