The Ghost Bust Animation

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Amazing Singing Busts Projection for Halloween - Now in Full HD!
The Ghost Bust HD Projection System is an award-winning high-tech prop that consistently thrills audiences world-wide. It uses a powerful HD ceiling-mounted projector to project professionally produced video performances onto a specially formulated bust, mapping the video’s facial characteristics to exactly match the sculpted face of the statue. This creates an eerily realistic, breathtaking 3-D effect that you must see to believe.


new scares every year

give your audience something fresh and exciting every year… with the ghost bust talking and singing busts, you can change the entire theme of the scene simply by swapping in a different SD card! Plus, no moving parts means no tedious maintenance or long delays due to breakdowns. Simple, cool and fun!

options for different needs

the ghost bust is a versatile must-have prop for any haunt. Choose the best talking statue routine based on your needs. Need something to keep folks entertained in line? Check out the haunt rules routine, or set the tone for a gothic haunted walk-through with the Phantom Ghost host routine. Or graveyard with the graveyard skull.  want a quick scare? Try startle bites.  for a brief but chilling walk-by, the ghost bride routines are show-stoppers that won’t slow down throughput. Want to set a haunting tone for your corn maze, the scarecrow routine is perfect for that.  or make the thrilling séance witch routine your featured attraction.  see all the different ways the ghost bust can add excitement and showmanship to your haunt.

make your escape rooms amazing

there is no better way to take your escape rooms to a whole new level then by having a ghost bust deliver the rules, game objectives, and clues. And now, you can create your own custom routines or interact with your customers in real time using the newly optimized  Ghost Bust Live software.  Give your patrons the eye candy they’ll love so they’ll spread the word. Nothing draws a crowd like a ghost bust.

what’s included

 the ghost bust system comes complete with life-size bust, super bright 3300 lumens projector, projector ceiling mount, solid state video player with hdmi output and cable, and one character routine of your choosing. You just supply a sound system, a trigger if desired, and a shelf or stand to display your bust, 


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