Thunder & Lightning Machines

The Next Generation in lightning simulators is here! They breaks new ground with the world's most advanced digital lightning simulator. Plus, we've added features our customers have been asking for, like internal CD-quality audio plus trigger inputs for lightning on demand. Trip a sensor or switch, and get instant lightning and thunder! We've also added an extra channel to control professional style strobes.

FOR INTERNATIONAL   Customers that use step-down transformers to drop the voltage to 120 volt. Because of the flickering, flashing and dimming, you can’t use the cheap little consumer converters, but a quality step-down transformer generally works well. Of course they then must use 120-volt lights. Although I would stop short of recommending it, It’s also possible to use a a step-down transformer connected in reverse to step up the output so they can use 240 volt lights. Some customers report very good results doing this. The system does work equally well on 50Hz or 60Hz.