Zombie Containment Vol 3

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zombie containment: zib volume 3 - breakout edition

following the extremely popular "zombie containment: volume 1" and "zombie containment: volume 2" hi-rez designs breaks new ground with "zombie containment: volume 3 - breakout edition".

no longer confined to a barrel, zombie containment: volume 3 - breakout edition can be used in an upright container or box so the angle of view is now more direct instead of looking down into the barrel or drum.

with this all new "zombie" and "security read-out" footage, the zombie slams on the sides of the container, making them bend and buckle from the immense force of rage inside.

but that's not all - with the zombie continuing to pound on the viewing glass, he manages to break a hole in the glass, emitting toxic gas. With the viewing glass now weakened, it doesn't take long before the zombie inside to finally "break out".

zombie containment: volume 3 - breakout edition is loaded with interactive options that will give you the ultimate realistic zombie prop.

hi-rez designs creates a new take of the popular "monster-in-a-box" with the all new state-of-the-art combination of hollywood quality special makeup fx, special visual fx, and the best quality animatronic prop design with "zombie containment: volume 3 - breakout edition".

this product can be used with the all-new hi-rez relay decoder prop controller to achieve the full interactive experience this visual fx product and finished prop can deliver. This new state-of-the-art controller automatically detects an embedded signal to trigger separate lighting fx, smoke / fog machines. All with split-second precision timing with the video on the screen. The hi-rez relay decoder is the only "prop controller" certified to work with this product.